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House Plan Packages

We offer 3 easy packages for you to choose from:

We can also provide a full range of Architectural Services and can provide as much support or advice as required - Please contact us for further details.

Can't find a House Plan you like?

We have a full catalogue of over 500+ housetypes, which are currently being added to our website. If you can’t find the housetype you like please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to send you comparable house plans for you to browse.

Want a custom/bespoke Drawing?

We can fully design an individual dwelling from just your ideas or wish lists. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a no obligation quotation.

This package includes the Pre-Application drawing/illustration for your chosen house type, ready to take to your Local Authority Planning Department for the initial discussions.

We will supply a digital PDF copy, on email, that will be ready to print on A4, as many times as you require and will have the detail of the plans and the CGI image shown, enough to open the discussions with the Local Planning Authority and gain their opinion prior to any formal planning application is made.

Upon the purchase of this package we will provide you with free advice to help and guide you through the planning stages if required. Please contact us on your requirements, if there is something specific you require.

This package includes the planning drawings for your chosen house type, ready for submission to your Local Authority Planning Department. If you require, we can provide 5 paper hardcopies that are ready to submit and we will email you an electronic PDF copy to use if required.

Upon the purchase of the planning package we will provide you with free advice to help you gain a satisfactory planning permission. We can also advise on planning application forms, fees, additional drawings and additional information as required. For an agreed fee we can also produce the necessary information for your planning application and even submit and run the planning application - the choice is up to you. Please contact us on your requirements.

This package includes the full construction drawings required to submit to your Building Control body for approval. We will supply drawings of the following information as applicable:
Elevations: Showing the front, rear and sides of the house including all exterior details and height measurements.
Detailed Floor Plans: Shows all information in plan form to construct the property. Please note, kitchen layouts, sanitary ware and all other fittings are shown indicative and your exact type/size etc. may vary depending on your own specification.
Foundation Plan: This will be a standard strip foundation footing plan, to enable you to set-out your property, as your exact foundation design will be dependent on your ground conditions. It will include all waste drops, setting out dimensions and service entry points. However you should employ a professional to evaluate your particular site to assess the foundation/slab requirements and provide the necessary construction details as required.
Construction Details:
All sections, roof plans, chamber joist layouts and any other additional details are included to provide compliance with Building Control. We also provide a set of 'Robust details' and a pack of full construction details that show the intricacies of the construction from foundation to chimneys. The 'Robust Details' are included, to comply with the Robust Detail standards and provide an alternative to pre-completion sound testing as a method of complying with Part E of the building regulations (mainly for attached dwellings and acoustics). Please click here for further advice.Please note that as much of the information we supply it will still be necessary for a competent builder to construct the dwelling to ensure it meets with all current regulations & codes and is built to a high standard. The drawings supplied are for Building Control compliance and generally include enough information to construct from. However, not everything is included, but a competent builder should not require anything further.
Housetype Specification:
This document covers all aspects of the construction from drainage, foundation, block types etc. to insulation and ventilation and in turn will achieve your complete Building Control Approval, together with the included drawings. The specification is not exhaustive, and you may change material type, performance spec. etc. with agreement by you Local Building Control Officer.
Heating/Plumbing: We show the standard radiator, boiler position and cylinder cupboard on all floor plans.
Electrical Layouts: We show minimum electrical items like smoke detectors, electrical meters, consumer units etc. to ensure the house plans are in compliance with current Building Regulations.

Example of Working Drawings supplied

Construction Specification & Construction Details.