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Bespoke House Plans

Whether your exact plan is unavailable or you want a house plan that meets all your expectations, we can help. Maybe it's a little timid two bedroom bungalow or even a six bedroom contemporary Grand Design, you are certainly going to need Planning drawings. You aren't going to get either of these without some professional, beautiful Architectural Drawings. We are here as an alternative to your local Architect. We will produce fast online planning drawings for your new house. Once your house plans are Approved, we will produce the cheapest house building regulation drawings available and submit them to your council free of charge for compliance.
We work with your sketches, pictures and images to come up with an individual plan that does all you need it to. We will work with you to get a set of initial planning drawings that you can submit to your Local Authority Planning Dept.

A custom house design usually takes just 1-2 weeks to individually design your Planning drawings ready for submission. These drawings come with the added benefit and confidence that they have been designed by professionals who have been designing houses for over 20 years! Therefore avoiding all the usual pitfalls.

It is useful to have some ideas of the type and style of house you would like to build, like the number of bedrooms, garage type, photos of houses you like, and parts of plans that you wish to incorporate into your home. Why settle for something that's not exactly what you want when you can have a custom house design made to your very own specifications and requirements. You could also send us any sketches you may have done to help us in produce your initial designs.

Our fees for bespoke designs are very reasonable and our completed drawings bring your design to life. This includes all the plans and elevations ready for your planning application. We can also submit your planning application as your agent and complete the additional information like site & location plans, Design & Access Statements etc. please contact us for more information.

To help you in producing some simple sketches and a general idea in how to start your new house plan, begin with a list of all your requirements, wishes and needs etc. Then using a simple bubble diagram, put together your required rooms and play about with the locations to optimise and suit your requirements, positions, site, orientation etc.

Simple Bubble Layout

Simple House Sketch

Once you are happy with the layout you should build this into more of a floor layout plan and add additional requirements like shown above.

Now take your initial sketch and again build on this , introducing windows, stairs, doors and even a kitchen - see below. It is then time to elevate the front and create some character to add to the plans. Hopefully you will develop a house plan that not only reflects your ideas, but will be a personal achievement and provide you with many years of fulfilment and contentment.

Developed House Sketch

Simple House Elevations

Check out our house plans for some ideas or simply amend as required. All of our house plans are available from our online shop or contact us for any specific bespoke designs or small amendments to our many house plans on TEL: 0161 4080438 or email us at:

Please see our Case Studies for some of our more recent projects.