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Building Control Services

If you are wanting to commence any building work then you will need to obtain building control compliance. Whether you call your plans Building Regulation drawings, construction drawings, working drawings, tender drawings etc. they are all on the same theme, to produce detailed drawings that explain how to construct the building.

Whether it’s detailed drawings for a new dwelling, garages, extensions, alterations, refurbishments, Selfbuildplans can complete them all. Please contact us here for a quote now.

The Building Regulation submission usually follows a successful planning permission. You will need initially to select who is going to carry out your Building Regulations inspections and approval. The local council’s Building Control department is the most common compliance checker of UK Building Regulations, but several private companies (such as NHBC, Approved Inspectors etc.) provide the same service with them having slightly different costs.

The most common route for new dwellings is to submit a Building Regulations application by way of detailed plans and a fee under the plan check process. These plans will need to show how you are intending to meet the Regulations – e.g. the thickness of insulation through the structure, construction methods and materials, heating controls and the heat loss through the structure etc. Once the plans are checked and found to be compliant, work can begin on the build. Your chosen building control Inspector will then visit site at various stages of the build to check that work is progressing as anticipated. Once the build is complete, inspected and found to be complaint the Inspector will provide the completion certificate.
The housetypes and garages sold on this site have the option to purchase the building control drawings. Within this fee we will provide the following applicable information:

  • Elevations: Showing the front, rear and sides of the house including all exterior details and height measurements.

  • Detailed Floor Plans: Shows all information in plan form to construct the property. Please note, kitchen layouts, sanitary ware and all other fittings are shown indicative and your exact type/size etc. may vary depending on your own specification.

  • Foundation Plan: This will be a standard strip foundation footing plan, to enable you to set-out your property, as your exact foundation design will be dependent on your ground conditions. It will include all waste drops, setting out dimensions and service entry points. However we would recommend you employ a structural engineer to evaluate your particular site to assess the foundation/slab requirements and provide the necessary construction details as required.

  • Construction Details:All sections, roof plans, chamber joist layouts and any other additional details are included to provide compliance with Building Control. If required, we will also provide a set of 'Robust details' and a pack of full construction details that show the intricacies of the construction regarding Part ‘E’ of the Building Regs. The 'Robust Details' are included, to comply with the Robust Detail standards and provide an alternative to pre-completion sound testing as a method of complying with Part E (primarily for attached dwellings and acoustics).

  • Housetype Specification:
    This document covers all aspects of the construction from drainage, foundation, block types etc. to insulation and ventilation and in turn will achieve your complete Building Control Approval, together with the included drawings. The specification is not exhaustive, and you may change material type, performance spec. etc. with agreement by you Local Building Control Officer.

  • Heating/Plumbing: We show the boiler position and cylinder cupboard on all floor plans only.

  • Electrical Layouts: We show minimum electrical items like smoke detectors, electrical meters, consumer units etc. to ensure the house plans are in compliance with current Building Regulations.

  • Please note that as much of the information we supply it will still be necessary for a competent builder to construct the dwelling to ensure it meets with all current regulations & codes and is built to a high standard. The drawings supplied are for Building Control compliance and generally include enough information to construct from. However, not everything is included, but a competent builder should not really require anything further.